The Franciscan Home Study Program (FHSP)

The Franciscan Home Study Programs for Students in Las Pinas and Metro Manila

(FOR GRADE 7 - 10)


Program Overview:

The Franciscan Home Study Program or FHSP, duly recognized by the Department of Education (DepEd) and officially accredited by the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation (BID) to accept foreign students, is one of the forerunners or prime movers of the Home Study culture or movement in the Philippines in the early 1990’s when such an alternative program was not that popular yet.
The revitalized Franciscan Home Study Program seeks to provide a curricular environment that promotes meaningful learning and positive academic engagement to High School leavers. These boys’ and girls’ particular student conditions and personal circumstances compel them to drop out of high school and make it difficult for them to accomplish their high school competency levels and complete their high school education on time.
It is one of the very few viable Catholic Home Study Programs that can boast of its long, proud and dynamic tradition of home study education and other allied services. It has produced a steady stream of successful local and foreign graduates (i.e. in the fields of entertainment, sports, advertising, politics, commercial modeling, etc.) equipped with experiential learning and coping skills that will prepare them for college work.
The FHSP has likewise opened its doors and extended its services to the marginalized sectors of our society, the disengaged students who are struggling as learners and who once again will be ready, willing, and able to take on the regimen and the rigors of home study.


Over-aged students and senior students;

Unsupervised children of OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers);

Working students and student family breadwinners;



FHSP aims to reach out to these displaced students, give them a sense of direction, and their self-esteem and personal worth. By bringing them back into the fold of mainstream education, FHSP would be able to improve students’ chances of finishing high school.


The FHSP (Franciscan Home Study Program) Has the Winning Edge


We encourage students to remain enthusiastic and committed in their work;

We have highly qualified teachers who are experts in their own fields and who also train and develop among FHSP learners good study habits and skills, time management, goal setting & motivation, and test taking skills;

We teach discussion and decision making skills for them to become active problem solvers;

We provide Individualized Instruction and adaptive assessment (Tutorials and Practice activities);

We have a unique remediation path (formative assessment, tutorials, practice activities that are aligned to each stated standard;

We drill down and diagnose exact skills each student needs to learn in the subject areas;

FHSP Students are assigned adult mentors who will always be at hand to help learners in dealing with their personal problems in school;

FHSP promotes close collaboration and improved communication between parents and the school’s home study program officers and partners through the unique Parents’ Mentoring System where mentors get to meet the tutees’ parents twice per curriculum year to give them regular feedback and update about their kids’ attitude and performance in home study;

The FHSP provides FHSP students with monthly bonding activities to develop their interactive and social skills;

The FHSP sponsors Parent Quarterly Forums to provide them with Parenting Tips on Study Skills, Test Talking Skills, Time Management, Goal-Setting so that they can effectively inspire and guide their kids become responsible and successful learners.

FHSP inculcates and imbibes among its learners the Ten Franciscan Virtues which are the wellsprings from which Franciscan draws his/her moral and spiritual strength and wisdom.



Admission Procedures and Policies:


FHSP Director/Vice-Principal, FHSP Coordinator, and Admissions Office Head oversees the processing and evaluation of all admission applications which are all treated in the strictest confidence and on an individual basis.

It likewise renders favorable action or express disapproval on the final statue of an application based on the strict or utmost compliance or the lack of commitment of an applicant to meet all admission requirements.

To be admitted to the FHSP, a prospective applicant must take and pass a written Entrance Examination to be administered by the Home Study Coordinator. An examination fee of P200.00 shall be assessed the applicants. A regular SFAC student applicant who opts for home study learning is exempted from taking the qualifying exams.

After hurdling the qualifying examinations and completing all admission requirements, all applicants together with their parents and/or guardians must undergo an interview process to be conducted by the Home Study Program Vice-Principal and later on by the High School Principal who will both give their individual recommendations.



The final interview result shall be the basis for the FHSP Screening Committee’s approving or disapproving an applicant’s bid for admission.

Applicants must have at least obtained passing grades in all of his/her academic and non-academic subjects from the previous school year. He/She must also submit the following requirements:


Adequate school records (Form 137, 138)

Proof of latest attendance to a school

Birth Certificate

Baptismal Certificate

3 ID colored pictures (1x1)

Certificate of Good Moral Character


Incoming 4th Year hopefuls from other schools may be considered for admission and their full residency requirement waived, provided they meet the following pre-conditions:

They must have an Average Grade of 80% or higher in their academic subjects;

They must present to the school a duly signed Certificate of Good Moral Character from their previous schools;

They must pass the interviews conducted by the Home Study Program Vice-Principal and finally with the High School principal.


4th Year level entrance candidates who had completed the subject requirements and received grades thereat for the first two quarters of the regular school year can still be accepted on a case-to-case basis.



A home study aspirant’s decision to suddenly leave regular schooling must be justifiable and reasonable. An accepted applicant must still be able to satisfy the demands and complete the requirements of the remaining two quarters of the school year.

Successful applicants are expected and enjoined to abide by all school policies, rules, and regulations and to conform with the prescribed Code of Conduct for Franciscan student both inside and outside school premises.

Any applicant who fails in the desired Pre-Assessment or Level Preparedness Exam will have to be re-leveled or reassigned to his proper/lower academic level.

An applicant who is not all ready for any high school level will have to undergo a Validation Tutorial Program for the subjects where there are glaring lack of proficiency.

The FHSP Screening Committee reserves the right to reject an applicant who refuses to enroll on his/her recommended level and/or to attend a Validation Tutorial Program.


Implementation Scheme:

FHSP learners are provided with assessment tools called Self-Instructional Kits or Modules which they can study at home at their own pace and time.

They may either accomplish the Module’s individual coursework and practice activities at home or opt to complete them in school based on a schedule to be arranged by the FHSP Coordinator with the tutor –facilitators, if they need the help of competent FHSP tutors for extra reinforcement and/or enrichment.

As soon as an FHSP learner is ready for evaluation, he/she may report to school for a two to three day consultation process. This will facilitate the checking of the accomplished modules and for the taking of a Mastery Test to determine his preparedness for the Post Test examinations.



Post Tests are intended to validate his/her academic performance in his/her home study. Upon completion of the four year level modules for the high school course, the learner will be eligible for graduation.
If the FHSP learner fails to pass the required diagnostic Mastery Test, he/she will be given additional/supplementary sets of learning activities to overcome his/her module inadequacies /challenges and enhance his/her level of competence.
If the FHSP learner flunks his/her Summative Post Test, he/she will be Recycled and be delayed in his coursework completion; He/She will be asked to start all over again and re-do all required refresher activities until he/she is ready to take both the Mastery and Post Tests.
The FHSP learner will receive a numerical grade every time a successful completion of each module is made.

The FHSP has no definite time frame for enrolment and completion dates. Registration starts anytime and the year level’s conclusion period ends in ten months, or earlier, depending on the learner’s pace and rate of learning. He/She may then sign up for the succeeding level and begin anew another curriculum year soon as lessons are mastered and the modular requirements are fulfilled.



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