SFAC Doves 2018

SFAC Doves 2018 | Feb 23, 2018

Saint Francis of Assisi College
On March 2, 2018 at the Olivarez Coliseum, our very own Franciscan Doves will challenge another NCRAA team on a knock out game. The next opponent is still yet to be determined.
The Doves had a 4 game winning streak. They won against TIP with a 21 points deficit. Michael Cenita had 21 points, with 4 rebounds and 4 assists to lead the Doves to victory. Ryan Chu contributed 13 points and Lifran Madrid added 12 points to bagged the big game blowout. The Doves had a better field goal percentage with an average of 44% versus the 31% of TIP. Although TIP out rebounded the Doves with 42 rebounds against 30 rebounds, the Doves had lesser turnover with 13 compared to the 30 of TIP. They also dominated the assist department with 13 assists versus 11 assists of the losing team.
Let us support our Franciscan Doves on to their next game. This will keep their spirits high and hopefully continue winning to go all the way to the semifinals. See you there.

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